Can Violent Men Change? | Domestic Violence Documentary | Absolute Documentaries

Can Violent Men Change? | Domestic Violence Documentary | Absolute Documentaries

Can violent men change? Is an absolute documentary that takes its audience on a delicate story based around domestic violence. For some fathers, their fists are their weapons. For others, words and manipulation are most potent, used as part of a sustained pattern of intimidation, threats, and abuse intended to isolate, diminish and control the people they love. Now, these men are seeking change. They have come together to talk, share information, challenge, and support each other to be better men, partners, and fathers to their children.

The group’s founder and facilitator David Nugent believes that women and children have the right to live their lives free from violence and that men can change if they have the will and opportunity to do so. He challenges men to take ownership of their abusive and violent behaviors and shows them that they can make different choices, and in doing so, can stop the cycle of violence.

Together the participants in David’s program are reaching for the courage and knowledge they need to be good partners and good fathers. These men have taken the brave and difficult decision to confront their behaviors and histories head-on. These Dads are fighting to change the story for the next generation. Can these men really change?

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