HEAVY HAULAGE in ACTION – A Steel Giant On The Road | Full Documentary

HEAVY HAULAGE in ACTION - A Steel Giant On The Road | Full Documentary

50 meters long, 6.5 meters wide and 4.5 meters high – a 130-ton giant, consisting of a drive station for conveyor belts and transport vehicles, has to be brought to the site 13 kilometers away. The route: an obstacle course! Power lines lead to a forced stop. Tight curves and steep descents require filigree work. A real tough job for heavy haulage professional Randolf Peters.

Schleenhain in Saxony, around 40 kilometers south of Leipzig. Here, lignite is mined in open-cast mining on a large scale. If a digging point is exhausted, the heavy equipment must be relocated to the next excavation site. Since the drive station with its enormous dimensions does not simply fit on a normal low-loader, Randolf Peters relies on two SPMT (Self Propelled Modular Transporter), so-called self-propelled vehicles, which are driven by radio remote control for the transport.

This havy transport brings with it some challenges, even for the haulage professional: loading the drive station with truck-mounted cranes, maneuvering the self-propelled, blocking the transport route, avoiding obstacles and unloading the drive station at the new location – strong nerves and precise work are required.

WELT Documentary accompanies heavy haulage professional Randolf Peters and his colleagues on their difficult job in the opencast mine. Will he be able to handle heavy haulage without any problems?

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