Is The World’s Heaviest Man Past Saving? | Half Ton Dad | Absolute Documentaries

Is The World's Heaviest Man Past Saving? | Half Ton Dad | Absolute Documentaries

Kenneth Brumley is one of the heaviest people ever recorded. He weighed 1,033 pounds (468 kg) and was known as the "Half Ton Dad" as he was a father of four. At his heaviest, he was consuming over 30,000 calories a day! He had been bed-bound for fifteen years and after he was accepted as a gastric bypass patient at the Renaissance Hospital in Houston, a fire crew had to hammer down a wall in Brumley’s house to get him out. At Renaissance Hospital the specialist team also treated Renee Williams, believed to have been the world’s heaviest woman at the time. This is Kenneth Brumleys eye-opening, shocking and life-threatening story.

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