it’s time to EXPOSE the whole damn thing.

it's time to EXPOSE the whole damn thing.

it’s time to EXPOSE the whole damn thing.
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We are on the precipice right now of being unable to trust anything we ever see online. Now, for some, that’s already the case. Discerning and skeptical viewers may already adhere to a more rigid set of principles about seeing versus believing, but the reality is such that even now, our ability to see something and have any degree of confidence whatsoever in its authenticity based on merely looking at it is crumbling. There are, of course, a few different ways for the moment to go about checking what is and is not true, though that will likely be outpaced because the ability to manufacture fake content will always outpace the ability to check what is real if the ability to fake things comes first, which it has. But my experiment revolved around crafting a false identity with AI, but also crafting false metrics with botted social media accounts to create the appearance of authority. This went okay at first, but I rapidly began to see that the accounts I was purchasing were 100% artificially botted by what I now refer to as a directed bot network. That realization was fairly important because after becoming aware, I decided to track the network, sending me down a rabbit hole of teamwork, Twitter info scraping, modularity algorithms, and extensive research into the inner workings of Twitter botnet traffic with what I personally believe are fascinating discoveries. The initial method of analysis was rather primitive, I do have to admit that. After buying a botted social media account and naming it Cynthia Talbot, or SynthBot for short, I created a research burner account which I used to follow all of the accounts that had been artificially directed at Cynthia Talbot in order to inflate her follower count. This worked in a very simplistic way, by allowing me to backtrack through the list of other followed accounts, thereby starting to create my own list of where this directed bot network had been individually pointed. For clarity, since the topic of online bot traffic is so wildly complex, a directed bot network refers to a large number of synchronized and totally artificial accounts, not real people, that are spun up, directed to a target, and told all of them to follow it. I started by analyzing more of the accounts where this bot network had been deliberately sent. This is a game changer, it really is, and let us down a rabbit hole that seems to have now touched four separate industries, Indian politics, American politics, adult content, and crypto, which are overrun with either directed bot traffic or integrated bot traffic, also referred to here forward as echo chamber bot traffic. All in all, what we’ve found appears to be a nearly 10 year widespread democratically aligned blue wave propaganda network that was used in 2016, 2020, and is being spun back up right now for 2024.

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