Made in USA – The Most expensive Luxury Camping Cars | ENDEVR Documentary

Made in USA - The Most expensive Luxury Camping Cars | ENDEVR Documentary


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Forget cramped caravans, these luxury camping cars are more like palaces on wheels. Terri and Richard’s is the size of a bus, complete with made-to-measure marble kitchens and bathroom, extendable surfaces and heated toilet seats. It cost over $2 million but enables them to escape the heat of Florida every summer for Michigan. They’re what’s known as ’snowbirds’, spending seasons living in other states.

On average, snowbirds change their cars every two years, turbo charging the luxury van market. The market is also boosted by Hollywood stars. Mariah Carey’s features side extensions and an unfolding second floor that can be transformed into a dance floor! Other camping cars come with a helicopter pad on the roof.

Over a million Americans have adopted the ’nomad’ way of life. Some, like Richard, are ‘part timers’, travelling for a few weeks alongside their work. Others, like, Jennifer and JR, who live aboard their bus with their two children, have left their old life behind completely and embraced life on the road.

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