only a few people know about this.

only a few people know about this.

only a few people know about this.
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What you have just heard, I would say a handful of people on earth know, even in classified projects, is highly compartmented. This is really way past TSSCI, top secret special compartmented intelligence. Friends, let me listen carefully and want anyone listening, do not think you’re going to be off the radar of the sector of the intelligence committee working tasked with this issue. No level of encryption, no level of patents, no level of spy versus spy talking in gibberish code over a phone is going to frustrate their knowing everything you’re doing in real time. And the only protection there is, is strategic protection, which is massive disclosure and public transparency of everything you are doing. The quickest way to get killed doing this stuff is to do it secretively. If you do it in full view, you’re completely safe. Why? Because the people who are in these covert programs, the last thing they want to do is be caught red-handed in a wet works operation, wet works or assassinations, a wet works operation with the whole world watching. That’s why I’m still alive. We have to figure out how to move this or I have to pass this on to a generation because, you know, I won’t be around for more than another 30 or 40 years. But we need people to understand what the sciences are because this is the biggest change in the history of the human race. Every CEO and high-tech person and billionaire I’ve met with wants to do the technology, monetize it, have patents, keep it secret, do the R&D in secrecy, like you’re developing another piece of rubbish like this cell phone. This is junk, chunk, so no real significance at all, not going to change the world. It’s a telephone that you can talk on like in the early 1900s, except it’s wireless using the same frequencies of a radio or what have you. It is nothing, it’s nothing, trillions of dollars into nothing. So the paradigm of doing this as an intellectual property and secret, the only way you’re going to get that out is if you convince this other hardcore element within the intelligence community and corporate world that they should give up thousands of trillions of dollars of asset-based utilities and coal and oil so that this happens and they don’t want to do that.

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