The UK’s Most Controversial UFO Encounter | Paranormal Files | Absolute Documentaries

The UK's Most Controversial UFO Encounter | Paranormal Files | Absolute Documentaries

40 years ago, a remote forest in Suffolk was the scene of one of the most famous purported UFO sightings in history. The Rendlesham UFO sighting. So what happened, and will we ever know for sure? Larry Warren and Georgina Bruni claim to have witnessed alien life forms. They saw a giant object that had landed on the earth’s surface. They say the massive shape was more than 50ft wide, had a strong definition, was multiple colors, and the most important thing about this incident was that were more than 30 witnesses in this sighting. The United States Air Force (USAF) security personnel stationed at nearby RAF Woodbridge had even reported seeing strange lights in the surrounding forest.

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