this will AFFECT everyone in 8-10 days.

this will AFFECT everyone in 8-10 days.

this will AFFECT everyone in 8-10 days.
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Politicians around the world are trying to gradually reduce the usefulness of cash until they can eradicate it completely. It scares the hell out of governments to have people in control of their own money, at which point you should really ask yourself, what kind of government is that? The whole thing about currency is that you don’t need to know how it works unless it stops working. And when it stops working, everybody needs to know how it works because your wealth, the future of your children, everything now depends on that. If we go to a future where digital cash is the only form of cash that exists, and I think we’re heading in that direction very, very fast. I think within 20 years, people who grow up 20 years from now will never see cash unless they visit a museum. Cashless society. Cashless society. Cashless society. Cashless society. Cashless society. Cashless society. If we go to that future, digital cash, we’re at a crossroads because we have to choose between two possibilities. One is digital cash that’s run by corporations that act not only as intermediaries in all of our payments, but also act as deputized members of law enforcement for every government and or intelligence agency and or dictator who co-ops them to their means. That type of finance takes the worst of surveillance capitalism and the worst of surveillance states, merges them together in this fascist dystopia where every transaction you ever made tells something about your habits, your politics, your associations, your movement, your physical location. On the one hand, all of this data gets collected and shared among all of the intelligence agencies and corporations or leaked. And on the other hand, if the people in power choose to, they can decide to debank you overnight. They turn off the switch. Now imagine what happens if your bank account is shut down and cash doesn’t exist. Well, you can’t eat. You can’t buy food. Done. You can’t use transportation. You can’t rent an apartment. They can literally destroy your life in a second.

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